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Courage over Certainty in 2020

I recently listened to a friend speak about choosing courage over certainty. (Amanda Viviers) As I reflected on the last decade it made perfect sense.

My finest moments and best adventures have come from choosing courage. Choosing to live an adventurous life means choosing courage over certainty. The definition of adventure is a journey with an unknown outcome and I’ve come to find this out many times.

Over the last decade, I’ve photographed in over 100 countries, ridden a motorbike around the world, been held up by the Russian mafia, published four books, swam with sharks, shed tears of joy whilst witnessing people in Africa rejoice as they receive clean, fresh water for the first time, and mourned over lost friends and family. I have slept in palaces and cockroach- infested huts, made friends with the poorest of poor and the richest of rich.

One thing I have worked out is that this life is not a dress rehearsal. At the start of a new decade, I know there will be lots of mountains and valleys to face in the years ahead and I choose courage over certainty. How about you?

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