Chasing Colours

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Adventure is a not a dirty word

So much of our lives have become controlled, always living safe, being risk adverse is fast becoming the normal and yet we are meet to live a unique adventurous life.

An adventure is best defined as a journey with an unknown outcome. Every year I plan to do something that is adventurous, something that pushes my limits and is not always a guarantee of success, but it is always a guarantee on making me feel alive. I have swam with sharks, treked through the Andes, been to Antarctica, lived with the Masai in Africa and sleep in a swag in the Australian desert. These moments allow me to feel alive, they test and stretch me and I get to experiance a world far beyond anything I could imagine.

So as I sit and plan one of the biggest adventures of my life, it is something that seems like a huge challenge, somewhat scary, totally crazy and yet a part of me feels alive and excited.

I hope we don't loose that sense of child like adventure, the desire to explore and feel alive. Maybe it time to put the world of social media on hold for a while and experience our own unique adventure.