Chasing Colours

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Ted Talk Part 1 - Chasing Colours

The alarm sounds it 4am, I its an effort to get up, I am really tired, I get dressed, grab my camera gear and start the 4 mile trek along the beach. The first sign of light is staring to appearing. I set up my gear The next 30 minutes are breath taking and a reminder to me that there is no prize for staying in bed.

I spend my life chasing colours. I travel to the most remote parts of the world, searching for the right light, at the right time to capture some incredible moments. Photography is about light— it is the critical elements that makes the difference between the ordinary and something special. The perfect light often only lasts a few minutes, or at times, just a few seconds. This can mean I have long periods of preparation and waiting, followed by a few incredible moments of inspiration.


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