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Photography - A technical pursuit and artistic endeavour

I find most people either approach their photography from either a technical approach or an artist approach. So where do you fit in?

I have come from the artist side which has meant that the technical has been a learnt skill and not something that has been natural to me. I am sure you know someone who has the opposite approach, someone who has a very technical mind and they get fstop's, chromatic abrasion, hyper focal length etc. The real challenge if this is you is to step back and look at composition, colour and see the abstract. Don't leaving behind the technical skills you have but using them to perfectly capture something that is beautiful. Once you realise it takes both the technical and the artistic to capture wonderful images, then you are on your way to becoming a complete photographer.

If you are artistic you can lack the technical skills to properly capture your amazing composition. As artistic as the image is if you can't reproduced or printed because it is out of focus or you have used an incredible high iso which has compromised the image quality, then it is an opportunity missed. Likewise if you a pure technician you run the risk of being the guy with "all the gear and no idea'

One of the things I would challenge you it to work out where your strength lies, continue to grow in this area, however ensure you have enough other skills to be well rounded. Work at improving the artistic or technical whichever you are lacking in to make you a complete photographer. I find it generally easier for people to learn the technical side as it is a science, although sometimes a confusing one. The artistic requires a degree of the x factor, which is difficult if not impossible to learn. However that is not an excuse for not improving in this area, spend time around others who are good in this are, try and understand how the approach an image, what they are thinking and importantly what story they are trying to tell in the image. After all as photographers we are story tellers who use images to do our talking.

Technical or artistic the reality is we need both.

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