Chasing Colours

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Fragile - A symphony of colour

I spend my life traveling to the most remote and unique locations on the planet. I have been fortunate enough to travel to every continent including Antarctica. No matter where I go I am always impacted by the fragile nature of nature itself. The delicate balance of the environment we live in, which is so easily impacted by changes in the weather, climate change or by the impact we have as we continue to consume, build at an alarming rate. 

There are areas I visited only 20 years ago that are now very different today, coastal erosion, natural disasters, man made development or progress. A combination of these factors have left an irreversible mark on some of the most unique and beautiful parts of our world. As photographers we have a responsibility to highlight the amazing beauty that we find in nature, to share it and leave it untouched for the next generation. If I can encourage you to be a champion for the planet, to photograph responsibly leaving no trace, only adding a great image that will highlight your work and our amazing environment.

Fragile is also how I see the challenge of capturing a special image, the challenge of capturing the right location at the right time with the right light and in the right season. It requires so many elements to come together to create a truly special moment and image, that I can only describe these few moneys in a year as both fragile and precious. Great planning helps, it put me in the right place in the right season, but it has little impact on great light, this key ingredient has little to do with my ability or planning, I can only add my patience and some good luck.

I love what I do and the special moments that make up another year, I hope and pray that 2015 is a special year for you. That you get to experience more of our planets fragile beauty and just maybe capture a few very special moments for the rest of us to enjoy.



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