Chasing Colours

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An Impressionist approach to photography

I like to approach some of my photographs in the same way that impressionist artist would approach the canvas.

Looking at colours as delicate and subtle, taking a gentler approach on occasions and looking for the pastel colours in a landscape. These images are often softer, rather than dealing with strong light I will look for the back light, the subdued that can add an overall feel rather than a strong contrast.

The colours can still dominate the image but in a more abstract way, rather than being the feature due to their strength they are the feature because they set a mood. This mood will often reflect the feeling of a warm summers day, or a gentle breeze. 

When I look to achieve this I will tend to shoot away from the sun using it to illuminate the entire scene rather than allowing it to over power one portion of the image. The end result is warm tones that remind us of that special moment, not the rushed pace of life but rather the moment when you stop and wait, where life seems just for that moment to be a happy wonderful place.

Soft warm colours = Gentle embracing images 


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