Chasing Colours

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Extravagance in Art

I firmly believe that art should be a bold expression of who we are as individuals and not a reflection of a broader conservative society.

This should be reflected in the way we use colours and textures, always looking to impact the viewer, to challenge their senses and stretch their thinking. Often if we are not careful we start to produce art for a commercial return and not to express that which others wont say. One of the fundamental ingredients I constantly search for in the Landscape is bold vibrant colours. They are often fleeting but when you experience nature at its most vibrant it is hard to go back to the mundane. 

As artist let me encourage to push the boundaries, ignore the rules and let self expression take over. The last thing I want people to say about my images are they are nice, it is such a beige word, it conjures up images of the average, conservatism at its finest. I love it when people challenge me asking if these colours are even real, if such a place is real.

Our job is to engage the higher senses, push the boundaries and sale further from the shore. Let extravagance touch your work in a way that inspires others, that brings out the best, the creative, the artist in each of us.


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