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Shooting, Sleeping and stunning scenery - A week in the life of a Photographer

Lots of people ask me what it is like to be a photographer, so I thought I would share what the last week of shooting on location was like.

The aim of the week was to photograph the NSW coast from Byron Bay in the North to Port Stephens. Also there was a day of video interviews at a gallery in NSW.

So rather than bore you with a blow by blow description I thought a few facts would help give you a picture of the week. So here are the ingredients of my week

Take one hire car (4WD) travel 3584km in 7 days

Go to 42 potential locations - Photograph 26 of them - thats better than an average week for good locations.

7 early mornings, starting between 4.45am and 5.45am depending on how far it was to travel to each location.

Finished around 6.30pm each day - one of the benefits of working in winter is an early finish.

Slept in 6 different beds, most good but one of them needed serious attention.

Consumed 22 bottles of water, 8 take away meals, 1 box of weetbix and a jar of Honey - love weetbix and honey in the morning.

Tried 11 cafes - most were Ok got one total dud.

Climbed down 2 sets of Cliffs and had to climb back up in the dark, one small fall - only a few cuts and bruises.

Lost the car keys on a beach - spent an hour in the dark hunting and finally found them - yeah!!

Got soaked one morning 

Had a great trip.

The end result of the week is that I will have a few new images, meet some wonderful people and experienced another beautiful part of the world.




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