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Brand New Day

I love the fact that everyday is different and each morning brings with it the sense of starting a fresh. If I have had a bad day, a poor attitude or if I didn’t manage to capture the image I was chasing then I get to start a fresh the next morning.

I called this image Brand New Day as it reminds me that in photography and in life each day brings new possibilities and opportunities, ultimately its up to us to choose how we approach each day. The challenge for me as a photographer and as a person is to make wise choices and let go of my preconceived ideas of the past. To approach each day with a sense of wonder and excitement rather than expecting nothing new to happen.

I had a very good friend with me when I took this shot, he has encouraged me over the last 30 years to be a better person, to look for the best in others, to be excited about what tomorrow brings. I don’t know about you but I need people like Glen in my life who keep me on track, people who challenge and encourage me.

As a person of Faith I have come to understand that each day has wonderful possibilities, especially when God can take the ordinary and shine his light on it and make it extraordinary (a bit like this photograph). I know this applies in photography somehow I think it applies much more in life.


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