Chasing Colours

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Chasing Colours

If I have learnt one thing it is to do what you are good at and do it with passion. My life as a professional photographer is my passion. I spend my days looking for light and chasing colours. I see landscapes transformed into spectacular scenes by the changing light of a sunset or an approaching storm.

This doesn't mean that I get to spend every day out in the wilderness photographing, but I get to look forward to those days when I can be immersed in nature. My energy is recharged and the cares of the world seem to get left behind. I know this is a privilege that not every one has. It was an easy decision to follow my passion. I love what I do and every day is exciting.I get to share the amazing beauty of creation and, hopefully along the way, inspire others to follow their passion. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

I get to travel all over the world but, it is not about the location as much as it is about following my passion. Even if you start out one weekend a month doing what you love, you never know where it might lead you. It may just take you on a wonderful journey you never felt was possible or deserved. I never imagined I would end up working on major book projects, traveling to places like Antarctica or having my images sell all over the world. Something that started out as just a dream can become a reality. I wonder what would happen if you allow yourself to dream just a little.

I spend my life chasing colours and I love it.

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