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No Risk No Story

There is no reward for staying in bed. This is something I have told myself many times when the alarm goes off at 3am, when the weather looks bad and it's a tough trek to get to another sunrise location. Time and time again I have told myself to get moving and head out as I have learnt you achieve nothing by staying in bed. So many times when I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone I have been rewarded with some of my most incredible images. Making the choice to get out of bed is one challenge, but if you want to get great landscape shots taking risks is part of the job. 

Risks need to measured and something you are willing to take on personally. I would not advocate putting others at risk unless they are very clear on the challenges and potential dangers and they accept them. 

For some, a risk may be simply heading across some rocks on a coastal zone. For others, the risk may be far more adventurous. The risk level for me has increased over the years as my experience and preparation has improved. You can achieve nice results by playing it safe. Taking images of cities or popular beaches is great however, it is important to remember that these will be images that hundreds, if not thousands of others, have captured. 

I work in the wilderness and my main desire is to capture incredible moments in remote areas that no one else will. Being in very remote areas on your own and pushing yourself to take calculated risks that others are often not willing to take, results in the images that make up my story.

What level are you willing to go to if you want unique images? If you are willing to take risks then be willing to accept the possible dangers, educate yourself about the environment you are heading into, speak to others who have been there before you and only take calculated risks.

If your risk level is low it may be as simple as pushing yourself to get out of bed at 3am to be at that special beach for sunrise, standing alone, capturing a beautiful sunrise.

My journey is No Risk = No Story.

Get out there, have fun and make your own story.