Moments In the Light - Special edition

Moments In the Light - Special edition

November 2017 Special - Half price - Normally $99 this month only $49

The special edition has a leather bound cover and leather solander presentation box, making it a very special edition.

Travel with Steve Fraser as he takes you to places you’d rather be and share his two-year journey across the globe. Steve takes the reader on an epic journey across Australia, France, Thailand, Provence, The USA, Italy, Switzerland and The United Kingdom.

Experience the glittering cold of a blizzard in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, the rugged beauty of Monument Valley in Utah and breathe in the divine ambience of Tuscany and Provence in autumn.

Prepare to be inspired by beautifully crafted images that capture not only the physical settings of landscapes but also the essence and emotion. The stories and quotes accompanying each photograph take you on a pilgrimage into the soul through passion, peace, integrity, hope and adventure.

The book will be a blessing to anyone who takes the time to drink in the wonder of the images and to absorb the wisdom contained within the text. Ken Duncan, OAM

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