2014 Australian Geographic Calendar

2014 Australian Geographic Calendar

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A spirit of adventure, love of nature, desire to live life to the fullest and an artist's eye for composition, have helped make Steve Fraser one of Australia's foremost landscape photographers. This master of light and composition has travelled the length and breadth of Australia, walking many kilometres off the beaten track to capture scenes that convey the majesty ans diversity of the great southern land and her offshore territories.

This panoramas calender includes outstanding images of the wheat-fields of McLaren Vale, the breathtaking Pentecost Passage in the Whitsundays, and Macquarie Island's beautiful Sandy Bay. Other highlights include a magnificent ridge lined with gnarled snow gums and powder-covered rock formations in the Kosciusko National Park; the distinctive form of Cradle Mountain mirrored at sunset in the still waters of Dove Lake; and Hardy Reef's textured coral patterns melding into the Great Barrier Reef's turquoise shades.

The Natural Bridge in Torndirrup Peninsula is a powerful and permanent testimony to the relentless force of the ocean. The Ormiston Gorge displays the bright colours of awakening life reflected at daybreak in the permanent waterhole west of Alice Springs. Enjoy the exquisite contrast of an afternoon thunderstorm approaching Lake Lefroy and dazzling white salt crust exploding into a kaleidoscope of ochre and gold hues. These sumptuous photographs are a beautiful Australian gift to hang in offices, kitchens and bedrooms.

Steve Fraser grew up in remote north-west Australia and developed a love of the outback at an early age, leading him into a life-long journey to photograph some of the world's most magnificent locations. He pursues his life and work, which are mostly one and the same, with passion and single-minded determination. This has taken him around the globe, into every continent, including Antarctica, allowing him to not only experience some of the world's most spectacular environments but also to experience many incredible personal moments.

Steve Fraser particularly loves the extreme challenges of his work - whether it be cave diving with sharks in Tonga or hanging out of a stock mustering plane over the WA outback - that result in such unique images. He believes he's privileged to be able to capture so many rare and special moments and share them through his fine art photography.

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