Limited edition prints are limited to runs of 100. We will only ever print the number indicated on each print. For example, 8/100 means you have print number eight of limited edition of one hundred images in total.

I primarily use a Phase One Trichromatic  camera which is a medium format digital camera and a Linhof 617 which is a film based camera. I use a Nikon D5 for underwater images. I also use Induro tripods, Eizo monitors and Really Right Stuff ball heads and accessories.
We print using two types of material. the first is Hahnemuhle fine art photographic paper. It is arguably the highest quality photographic paper available.These genuine artist papers made of 100 % cotton or pure alpha cellulose present smooth and textured surfaces. This special coating permits high quality printing. In addition to this all images are sprayed with a special UV protective coating to ensure the ultimate in archival quality. The result of this technology is that you have the highest quality print availible anywhere in the world.

The second media is a archival quality 100% cotton canvas. This is a museum quality canvas. The canvas images are also sprayed with a special UV protective coating to ensure the ultimate in archival quality.

With both of these options the print will last for a lifetime if framed and cared for properly.
Steve is an accomplished and popular International speaker on a variety of subjects. He has extensive speaking experience over many years in both the corporate and community arenas.
Steve has been at TEDx speaker in San Francisco as well as a keynote speaker at International Photo week, he has spoken at numerous creative and advneture conference and events around the world

If you wish to approach Steve to speak at an event or conference, you can click on this link:steve@stevefraser.co
Steve uses Team Digital, who specialize in professional Camera's, Computers and Photographic Equipment. Their team has a vast knowledge of photography and digital imaging. Their support has been invaluable in capturing the images that are on my web site.

It is one thing to buy equipment at a cheap price, but it is critical to the serious photographer to get the back up support and expert advice to ensure you maximium what your camera equipment is capable of.
We offer classic wooden framing in conjunction with Peterboro's Museum matboard. Peterboro Museum matboard is internationally renowned as one of the highest quality, conservation matboards approved and recommend by the Fine Art Trade Guild. With solid colour throughout and made of the finest 100% cotton fibre, Peterboro Museum matboards provide the assurance that artwork will be preserved for future generationsmat board. Add to this a special UV acrylic glass.

We have recenlty added the option of a beautiful Bellini fine Itailian framing to our range. Bellini are the ultimate in framing and whilst they cost slightly more than standard framing the different they make to your art work is exceptional and well worth the expense.

Alernatively we can print an image onto canvas which is printed to the edge and stretched over a wooden frame. This gives a frameless appearance and is also a modern look. Canvas prints can also be framed in a
a tradition style if required.

We can also offer customised framing in consultation with the client, choosing the correct frame to compliment the art work is very important. One of our trained professionals can be invaluable in ensuring you
art work is enhanced with correct framing.

Yes, we will be able to print and package this for you . We are able to safely send the image to you anywhere in the world.

As part of the service, an information sheet about appropriate framing will be provided.
Integrity of ‘the shot’ is an important value. I believe that whilst you can use technology to enhance what is in the image, it should be true to what I saw.
People should be able to go to the locations of the shots and be able to recognise not only the place but also the feel of it.

I use Photoshop to enhance the images, however, I do not believe in fundamentally altering the photographic image. For example, I would not add objects into a shot that were not there originally.

Every photographer I know uses Photoshop as a tool. Even when people develop film photos they still can use the chemical and technical process to work on colour balance and exposures. Photoshop provides the same functions digitally.

My photography is mainly landscape and I find that nature is beautiful in and of itself. It takes an eye for details and the ability to use your equipment well to capture images that inspire. Capturing the natural light and colours in a landscape and enhancing them in Photoshop is an art.

I hope that when you see my images and visit the locations that you will see what I’ve tried to capture.
It will take six weeks within Australia and allow eight weeks for delivery outside of Australia.
Shipping is included in the price for Standard and Collectors editions within Australia. Overseas Shipping price will be quoted at time of purchase if required

The Exclusive range includes shipping Worldwide.

Delivery takes 4 weeks within Australia and 6 weeks for international orders for the time of ordering.
Images That

When we see something spectacular, some- thing beautiful, something deep within is stirred.

My passion and love for photography has taken me across the globe. It has allowed me to experience some magnificent landscapes and to live through some incredible personal moments. They have challenged me to look at life -to respond and consider how each of these moments refine and challenge my character. Different landscapes provoke different emotions and inspire different qualities. Each one has been a valid and significant moment on life’s journey.

Qualities like peace are easily portrayed in the tranquil afterglow of sunset in far North Scotland or the perfect reflection of an amazing remote river in the New Zealand wilderness. Joy sits comfortably when you are experiencing an incredible vibrant sunset over a remote beach on the Southern Ocean. Consistency can be demonstrated through those things that have stood the test of time like a 13th century fishing village in Italy. Dreams fit so well with Australia’s heart, Uluru, which is well known as the Dreamtime centre of aboriginal life. The words are as much a description of the landscapes as they are a challenge for me to live up to.

I trust that as you view my photographs that your emotions are stirred and you feel inspired, just as mine are when I’m taking them.

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