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Australian Geographic recently described Steve as "A master of light and composition who is one of the Australia's foremost landscape photographers. Steve has a spirit of adventure and the desire to share some of the world's incredible locations with others".

Steve particularly loves the extreme challenges of his work – whether it be cave diving with sharks in Tonga or hanging out of a stock mustering plane over the WA outback – that result in such unique images. He says, capturing some of these and sharing them through his fine art photography is a privilege.

Private and corporate collectors all over the world collect Steve's work. His work has been published in books, print and electronic media as well as being used in major advertising campaigns.

Growing up in the remote North West of Australia, he developed a love of the outback. This led him to begin a life long journey to photograph some of Australia's, and the world's, most remote locations.

He pursues his life and work, which are mostly one and the same, with passion and single-minded determination. This has taken him around the globe, into every continent, including Antarctica, allowing him to not only experience some of the world's most spectacular environments but also to experience many incredible personal moments.

As a leader in business and community organisations, Steve is often seen as someone who inspires others to be the best they can be and he regularly speaks at corporate events. He has recently been the keynote speaker at International Photo Week and is an invited speaker at Tedx this year.

Steve believes that it is important to give back and gives some of his time and skill each year to various not for profit organizations. Steve is currently the ambassador for Water for Africa.

Steve has produced three books: Moments In The Light, Inspirational Moments and The Wild Frontier: Western Australia

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